Setup a ResiDex User

Entering your staff in Desktop ResiDex to process and track the following items and more:

  • Manage their access to Desktop ResiDex or RTasks
  • Track In-service classes
  • Enter meeting attendance
  • Enter staff supervison

Enter a new ResiDex User

  1. From the Staff Tab of Desktop ResiDex - Press the New button or press Control + N on the keyboard
  2. Fill in all of the bold fields required

Staff Usernames:

Please Note: In order to comply with HIPAA regulations, it is essential that each user has their own private, separate ResiDex/RTasks account.

  • When using Single Step Login - the username should be in the format: firstname.lastname
  • When using Two Step Login - you may choose what format the username is entered

Staff Profile:

You can record more detailed information about your staff by opening their staff profile.

  • Click the "Go" button to open the "Staff Profile" screen

Entering detailed information about your staff will allow ResiDex to generate notifications and reminders about certain details about them, including Birth Date, Background checks, Due Dates for performance evaluations, TB Tests, Vaccination status, and more.

Staff Roles

To completely finish setting up new ResiDex users, you will need to setup each user with Staff Roles. Staff Roles control what each user can see and do in ResiDex. Even if you record a ResiDex user per the above instructions, that user will not be able to log in until they've been setup with Staff Roles.