Entering Prospects

How to enter a new prospect (or lead) into ProsPex.

Before entering a new Prospect, it is suggested that you make sure the prospect has not been entered by anyone else.

To verify the Prospect was not previously entered

From the Home tab:

  • Click Prospects
  • In the search field start typing the first or last name of the Prospect
  • If it is not on the list, you can follow the instructions to add a new Prospect

To enter a new Prospect

  • Press the New Button at the top of the screen or use the shortcut Control + N
  • Enter the "Lead" source (optional) (example: Hospital, Newspaper, TV add)
  • Enter the "Referred by"information (example: St. John's Hospital, Holly County Paper, Channel 8 Commercial) - you may:
    • Use "No referral source provided"
    • Select the referral source from the drop down list
    • Click the + button to add a new referral source
  • Enter the "Transferred from" information or leave "Not Provided" (example: Home, Hospital, Nursing Home)
  • Press the "New Prospect" button
    • Enter the Prospect's name - Note: there are times when a family member calls about a parent and does not leave the parent's name. In this case for the prospect name you could enter "Father of" as the first name and "Mark Wilkins" as the last name. The prospect name can be corrected at anytime
    • Enter the Gender
    • Enter the Birthdate and Marital Status (optional)
    • Press "Next"

The Prospect record is now created! You can continue to add more details on the "Prospect Profile" screen or you can click close to close the record and return to the Prospect List screen.