Sending Encrypted Files

The ResiDex support team most often is able to troubleshoot questions and issues by logging directly into a given database.  They may request initials of a given resident, date ranges, report names, or other details specific to the issue.  

On occasion, support staff require users to send pdf copies of documents or reports.  In order to send these sensitive documents securely, we will ask that you use the Firefox Send feature.  Firefox Send offers free, encrypted file transfers from any browser.  Encryption means your data is kept secure.

Sending an Encrypted File

Go to 

Drag and Drop or upload a document from your computer.  Up to 1 GB of data can be sent;  creating a Firefox account allows sending larger files.

Specify whether you wish to limit the number of times the document can be downloaded, or the number of days the link will be active.  

Create a password, optionally, as an additional security measure. 


Click Upload.

Your encrypted link is ready to send.  Copy the link into a email and send to the recipient.  Send the password in a separate email or by other means of contact.

Receiving an Encrypted File

Recipients receiving the file will click the link, then enter the password

The user can click download to view the document.