Flagged Info/ Ongoing Orders / Bulletins

RTasks offers several options to notify staff of key resident information such as code status,  resident concerns or conditions .  This article addresses three means by which important information can be conveyed to staff:  flagged information, ongoing orders, and bulletins.

Flagged Information

Flagged information appears near the top of the Resident Profile and in any service for that resident.

RTasks automatically 'flags' certain information identifed as being important for staff to be aware of:

  1. Code Status - pulls from Code status entered in the Resident Profile.
  2. Diabetic - pulls from any diagnosis starting with the word"diabetes" (excluding Diabetes Insipidus)
  3. Hospice - if the resident has a hospice identifed in the Resident Profile > Resources > Organizations tab, the hospice flag will appear.
  4. Coumadin - will flag residents on the medication Coumadin/Warfarin as a bleeding risk
  5. Oxygen - will flag any resident with a service in the Oxygen category of the Global Service List
  6. Seizures - will flag any resident with a diagnosis that includes 'seizure' in the title or for a diagnosis of Epilepsy.

 Ongoing Information, Other Info, and Admission Number fields

Ongoing Information is a field in the Resident Profile that can be used to enter key resident information.  Data entered here will appear in the profile and in any service for that resident.

The nearby Other Info field in the profile can be renamed (contact ResiDex support to assist) and can contain information that will appear in the Resident Profile (such as Veteran status above), but does NOT appear in services for the resident.

Lastly, the Admission Number field in the Resident Profile can also be re-named to hold different information, but is not visible in the Profile unless you click "Update Profile" to view, does not appear in services, but is available in certain reports, such as Quick Report - Resident.


Yet another way of alerting staff to key information is the Resident Bulletin.  Bulletins allow the creation of a concise (140 character) message  that will appear as a banner across the Resident Profile, across the top of any service for that resident, and can appear on the Login Report.  Because bulletins have an expiration date and time, they are particularly useful for shorter term information, such as NPO status, lab collections, or birthday/anniversary reminders.

Bulletins can be added from either the Resident Profile or from the top of any service for that resident;  simply click the "Add Bulletin" button and select the expiration date/time and enter the bulletin message.