Global Service List

The Global Services List is the resource screen for adding and creating services, determining how and where they appear, and what they will require of staff during the recap or documentation process.

Because the Global Service list plays such a key role in day-to-day operations, compliance, and billing, the Administrator (411 Role) is required for making any edits to this list.  Residex Support staff can assign this Administrator role, in collaboration with your company administrators - please note this role is typically restricted to as few users as possible.

Navigate from the RTasks Today Screen > +More > Administration > Global Services.

Considerations to keep in mind

  • A 'lean' service list means less scrolling for users, easier service tracking and accounting
  • Create variations of a service if billing requires different rate or charge types
  • The use of service snippets, used in conjunction with a service, can create variations on instructions for that service without making additional services

Global Services

The Global Services screen defaults to all the active services, listed alphabetically, in use in this database.

  1. The Search field allows users to quickly search and find services by key word or title.
  2. Add a New Service will open fields and allow entry of a brand new service (see below).
  3. Active Services are those currently in use and available to select for the resident Service Plan.
  4. Inactive Services are no longer in use or available, but can be reactivated for use.
  5. The Service Name describes the nature of the service.
  6. The count documents the number of times the service is in use at a campus, including which are in the database's test campus.
  7. The minimum provider type specifies the lowest provider type to whom the service can be assigned.
  8. The category (optional) can tag that service for certain reports, such as Client Roster reports.
  9. Charge type (optional) specifies the type of charge or fee for that service.
  10. General Ledger Code (optional) shows the GL Code used for accounting purposes.

Add a New Service

Click New Service to enter the details of a new service:

  1. Service name - enter a simple title for the service.
  2. Service Type - differentiates between housing services (housekeeping, laundry) and home care or 'hands on' services.  This allows tracking the date of the first home care services, required in some states to determine dates first nursing assessments are required and/or the home care start-of-care date.
  3. Provider type allows setting the minimum level of provider type that should perform that service.  All provider types above that will be able to complete the service.
  4. Category (optional) will allow the service to be tracked in certain reports (e.g. category of Skin may be used to pull that into a report showing skin concerns).
  5. Estimated minutes becomes the default number of minutes the service requires.
  6. Default instructions are the instructions that will automatically appear when assigning the service.  These can be edited as needed for each resident.  Note that rich text can be used to highlight and organize instructions.

Continue Entering:


  1. Charting Type-
    • Standard applies to most services and allows end users to mark that service as complete or declined
    • Goal Tracking will allow users to make a more complex service that requires users to read questions and select responses.  This is often used to document progress toward a goal for group homes, or get down to greater detail in BM tracking, for instance.
    • Behavior will require staff to enter the numer of occurrences and interventions used in managing resident behaviors
    • Supervision will create a service designed to supervise a treatment or service of a similar name. This link describes creating and using supervision services.   
  2. Reassignment is helpful for services provided less often than daily.  It will allow the end-user to reassign a bath to the next shift or next day, if the resident is out on bath day.  This field will allow the administrator to determine how far out the service can be reassigned.
  3. Vitals Type is completed only for Vitals services.  Simply select or enter the type of vital it should capture.
  4. Capture values allows entry of the number of fields required to document a service.  A blood pressure, for instance, would require 2 fields;  a pulse rate or number of loads of laundry needs only one field to document the value.
  5. Continue on Hold may be checked if the service should appear for staff, even if the resident is on hold.  Examples might include housekeeping or laundry that might continue, ensuring all is ready when the resident returns.
  6. Allow Unscheduled charting will make that service available as an unscheduled service.
  7. Require a Note when charting will require that the end user MUST enter a note before marking a service as complete or declined.  Examples might include wanting details of how a behavior intervention was carried out.  Custom snippets can be added for services to make easy note entry;  contact ResiDex support for assistance.


  1. Include on schedule and Assignment Reports will include that in Daily Assignments, provider service lists, etc....
  2. Include on service charts will appear in the Today screen and paper Treatment records
  3. Include in agreements / service plans will pull that service into the list of services that appear on resident agreements/service plans.  Some users may not include Behavior management services here- preferring those to visible internally only.
  4. Mark Essential on agreements/service plans will flag that service as a priority service, necessary for the resident's well-being.
  5. Include on MD Orders will include that service in the list of services to appear for review/signature of the MD/Provider using the MD Order feature.


  1. Charge Type allow selection of the type of charge that should be applied to the service.  
  2. GL Code (optional) allows entry of a General Ledger code for accounting purposes.
  3. Points (fixed) (optional) allows assignment of a point value for that service (used by some facilities to determine care levels/charges).
  4. Points (per minute) allows assignment of a point value based upon time spent.
  5. Include in package by default will, by default, include that service in a Care Package level for the resident, and not bill separately.
  6. Taxable can indicate whether sales taxes apply.


Allows users to select the campuses (one, some or all) for whom this service is available.