ResiDex Global Job (Service) List - Appointment

Tracking appointments is an important aspect of caring for residents.  Appointments can be easily and most completely documented and tracked using the Referral Appointments feature in ResiDex and RTasks.    This article details an alternate way to track appointments, based upon services created in the Global Job (Service) List.   Putting a service in the category "appointment reminder" will allow you to manually add services that will trigger an appointment reminder.

Access the Global Job (Service) List:

You will need ResiDex user role 18 "Global Service List"

  • Start at the Setup Tab and select Service List from the list on the left
  • Select "Global Job (Service) List from the list on the right

Put a Service in the Appointment Reminder Category:

  • Click on a Service
  • Select "Appointment Reminder" from the category option list