Behavior Services

Behavior Management Services are a specialized service type, in that they

  1. create a printable Behavior Plan that shows behavior services scheduled for a given resident, including the service details specified by the nurse 
  2. allow staff to document the number of behavior occurrences, the time spent, and intervention effectiveness during their shift
  3. create reports such as the Behavior Log that summarizes behavior management charting for a specified resident and period of time.

Setting up Behavior Services

Contact ResiDex support staff to assist in setting up Behavior Management services.

Create the Behavior Plan:

  1. Add the behavior service(s) for the resident and assign to providers. (Often this is assigned to each shift, to capture data around the clock).
  2. Enter resident-specific task details (e.g. how the behavior is displayed, possible triggers, etc...) to assist in building the behavior plan
  3. When finished, open the Reports tab and search for "Behavior" - Select the report "Behavior Plan"
  4. This is a sample of the information that will print on the Behavior Plan report

Document Behaviors:

  • From RTasks - Select the Provider and a Behavior Management service
  1. Enter the number of minutes
  2. Select the number of occurrences
  3. From the drop down list select up to four interventions (A-D)
  4. Optionally enter a note
  5. Mark the service complete

Behavior Log:

  • From the Reports screen, search for Behavior
  • Select the report Behavior Report for the appropriate resident
  • The report is grouped by behavior type (1)
  • It will display:
    • when the behavior occurred (2)
    • the actual number of minutes (3)
    • number of occurrences (4)
    • all interventions (5)
    • and service notes (6)