Global Medications

Every medication available to select and add to a resident med list in RTasks is maintained in the Global Medication List for that database.  

Any nurse or RTasks user with Role 19 can add a new medication to the list during a Pharmacy Connect import or from the resident medication screen. They may also view the Global Medication list. Only users with the Administrative (411) role are able to edit the Global Medication list.

Accessing Global Medications

Navigate from RTasks' Today screen > +More > Administration > and select Global Medications.

The Global Medication list includes dozens of pages of meds.  All meds are listed in alphabetical order and show the common name, generic name, and indications as to whether the med has been flagged as controlled, psychotropic, or as an antibiotic.  

  • Use the search field to locate a medication by trade or generic name
  • Alternatively, select a page number
  • Click on the med to view information

Adding or Editing a Medication 

Click the Add New Medication button to add a new medication.  Entry can also be done, as indicated earlier, when adding a new medication to a resident med list and typing in the complete name of the med there. 

Editing a medication involves the same fields.  Simply select the medication to be edited:

  1. If editing an existing medication, it will report when it was originally entered and last updated.
  2. The name of the medication can be edited for misspellings but without changing the actual medication itself (Add as a new medication if a new medication is needed).
  3. The generic name can be edited or added
  4. Default administration instructions can be added and will appear automatically each time that medication is selected for a resident
  5. Adverse effects may be added
  6. Antibiotic / Controlled / Psychotropic medications can be flagged.  Marking a med as controlled will require a pill count, if that feature is turned on.  Note:  Nurses either importing a brand new med via Pharmacy Connect or entering it for the first time from the Resident Med screen will have the ability to mark that med as controlled (thereby requiring a count). Thereafter, the user with Administrator Role (411) will be required to edit this distinction. 
  7. If administered as a PRN, this field will specify the number of minutes after administration that the followup service will be scheduled.  

Deleting and/or Merging Medications

Deleting a medication can be done by clicking the delete button.  Users will have the option of deleting it altogether, by simply selecting 'Confirm', or 'merging' a medication with another to remove redundant medications.

If you are merging the medication with another entry, start entering the name of the medication which you choose to 'merge' it with and select the name of the 'replacement medication' in the list of options that appears. Click confirm.