In-Service Documentation

Staff training is a key part of care delivery;  documentation of training and in-services attended is easily completed in RTasks.

Users with Roles 14 or 17 can document inservice training.  Role 14 is required if entering data in the Staff Profile. 

Record Inservice Training

In-Service documentation can be accessed either by navigating from the Today Screen > +More Button > In-Service Training, or can be accessed from an individual staff person's Profile.

Select Record In-service Training

  1. Record the date of the training
  2. The mode- whether in person, a video, demonsration, etc...
  3. Select the name of the trainer or the person assigning the training
  4. Select the specific training provided from the dropdown. Note that a description of the selected training appears in a blue band beneath the training.
  5. Additional trainings can be added by clicking on the (Manage) link
  6. The number of hours estimated for the training will default in, but can be edited to reflect the actual length
  7. Additional notes can be entered
  8. Those attending the training can be selected, then saved.

Viewing In-service Attendance

Navigating from the Today screen > +More > In-service Training > View Previous Training will allow the user to see previous in-service trainings, including the date, trainer and mode, title and description, and the list of attendees.

When viewing the In-service Training from the Staff Profile, the user is able to see the trainings that employee has attended, as well as add new training using the 'Add Training' button.

In-service / Training Reports

Navigating to the Fax/Print button > Reports > Staff Training category, there are a number of reports that allow the user to view training summaries, training for a specific employee, and print certificates of attendance if needed.