Incident Body Diagram

ResiDex Incidents allow you to record a "Body Diagram" quickly and easily as part of recording an Incident Report. The Body Diagram is used to note any physical injuries a resident had resulting from an Incident (i.e. bruises, lacerations, skin tears etc.)

The Body Diagram is an optional feature of Incidents, and can be configured to be required for one type of incident but not for another.

Enter a Body Diagram

  • When recording an incident, select the Body Diagram - To Do button

  • A blank body diagram will appear

  • Right-click anywhere on the Body Diagram and select an option from the right-click menu.

  • When you select an item a note with the corresponding note will appear in the Notes section on the right.

  • Continue selecting items and adding notes that correspond with the areas selected until you are done documenting.

  • When you are finished, press the Save button. That's it!