Incident Body Diagram

RTasks Incidents allow you to record a "Body Diagram" quickly and easily as part of recording an Incident. The Body Diagram is used to note any physical injuries a resident had resulting from an Incident (i.e. bruises, lacerations, skin tears etc.)

The incident Body Diagram is optional and can be displayed on whichever incident type a user specifies.

For incident body diagrams to be visible, the following configuration options need to be set to "Yes":

  • Enter Incidents only In Rtasks 
  • Enter Assessments only in Rtasks

The incident type(s) must also specify that the body diagram is "required".

Enter a Body Diagram

  • When recording an incident and a body diagram is specified for the incident type a blank body diagram will appear

  • Click anywhere on the body diagram and enter a note
  • Optionally use the "snippet" to select a piece of text from the option list (if you use snippets  you can add additional notes)
  • If you click on an area incorrectly, simply click the number and the number will be removed