Incident Entry

RTasks offers a robust means by which incidents can be reported and documented, reviewed, and analyzed as part of clinical best practices and quality improvement activities.  

Types of incident reports, questions and response options for each report can be customized per organization. Permissions for viewing and entering notes are configurable on a user-by-user basis.

Staff with the "Incidents - Role 6" will have the ability to make the first documentation of an incident.

Resident Incident Entry Options:

The incident can be entered from either of two locations:

From a Resident's Profile, select the "Incidents" section (this shows only incidents for this resident, and allows you to enter a new incident report for this particular resident

- OR - 

From the Clinical drop-down menu, select "Incidents"'.  This allows the user to view all incident reports made Campus-wide, and to record a new incident report for any individual resident.

To enter a new incident, select 'Report an Incident'.

  • The incident date (1) and time (2) defaults the current date and time but can be edited to reflect the time of the incident
  • The category allows the user to specify whether this incident is related to a resident, a staff person, or is a audit (3)
  • The Type shows all types of incidents that are tracked for this database (4)
  • And the name of the resident can be selected from the dropdown list (5).
  • Click the "Submit" button and questions for this incident report will display below for you to fill out.
  • When you have answered all incident questions, press the "Submit" button again, and you'll be done!

After an Incident report has been saved, it can be edited until a time limit is reached (configurable by location).
If a 'Clinical Review' is required, a nurse will now be prompted to do a review and possibly answer additional questions. After a Clinical Review is completed, an incident report will be locked and can only be updated via follow-up notes.