ResiDex Incident Type Detail

ResiDex allows users to set up the Incident Types appropriate for their own setting.  Each Incident Type can be further customized to include multiple questions with a variety of response types.  This article provides information on how users can create the questions and response options for both the initial incident report and clinical or supervisory reviews, and require vital signs, if desired, for each incident type.

If you have not done so, first setup the types of incidents your organization will track.  Once this has been specified, questions can be created for each Incident Type!

Setup Incident Type Details/Questions

  • From the Setup tab search for "Incident"
  • On the right, select  "Incident Type Detail" 
  • Select an Incident Type from the drop-down menu

You can have up to 15 questions per Incident Type and an additional 15 questions in the Clinical Review. Each question will have various fields that will need to be filled out:

  1. Sequence: This will determine the sort order of the question
  2. Question Text: Enter a question for your users to answer when they fill out an Incident report
  3. Question Help:  Are there details you want to prompt users to include?  Specify here.
  4. Response Type: How do you want a user to answer this question
  5. Check Boxes: Select any applicable check boxes - see additional explanations below

Response Types (3):

  • Text: This question allows for a short paragraph response
  • Multiple Choice - Choose One: This is a multiple choice question, with only one possible correct answer
  • Multiple Choice - Choose Multiple: This is a multiple choice question, where more than one answer can be selected as correct.
  • YesNo: Users can only answer Yes or No.
  • Text 3x: This allows a user to type a paragraph answer that can be longer if needed
  • Task List: Users will select tasks to be completed (Example: install bedrails, order non slip socks) Additional setup required
  • StaffPerson: This will allow you to select a staff person responsible for the incident.  This will link that employee to the incident and send them the Incident to review and acknowledge ( in RTasks).

Multiple Choice Options:

When setting up a multiple choice question response type, make sure you fill out the Multiple Choice Options section.  Enter answers you want a user to be able to select from, separating each with a semi-colon.

Note: If the Only select from List check-box (which would prevent the user from typing in their own answer) is selected, make sure you include an answer like "Not applicable" or "Other-Specify". Adding "Other - Specify" would allow them to select that option and utilize the Allow more text option to enter their information.

Check boxes (4):

  • Answer Required to Save? Check if this question MUST be answered
  • Only Select from List: For multiple choice questions, check this to prevent users from typing in a response not on the list
  • Allow More Text: Allow the user to fill out an additional short text explanation of the answer to a question. Only applicable for NON "Text" responses.
  • Clinical FollowUp: This will indicate the question is a clinical review question that only nurses will see/enter