ResiDex Incident Types Setup

Incident tracking and quality management is integral to the provision of quality service.  ResiDex's Incident Management system can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.  This article will explain how this is done.

Setup your Incident types

  • From the Setup tab, select "Global Setup and Install," then select "Incident Types" from the sub-menu on the right.
  • Select one of the options at the top of the screen. (ResidentStaff, Visitor, Audit or Feedback)

Note: Audits can be used for facility tools such as Fire Drill documentation, Food Safety, Infection Control, and Chart Audits.  

Add a new Incident Type

  • Select the Category at the top of the screen (Resident, Staff, Visitor, etc)
  • Press the New button, or Control N on your keyboard
  • Enter the name of this new Incident or Audit Type in the Incident Types column
  • Enter a brief Description of what this Incident type will entail
  • Serious: Check this box if this Incident type requires special notifications OR you wish it to appear in the Quality Assurance dashboard.
  • Active: If an Incident Type is available to users, this should be checked. If you wish to make an incident type inactive, un-check the box. 
  • Body Diagram  will allow entry of the location and type of injury in a body diagram.  This can be made optional or set to 'no'. 
  • Vital signs:  allows users to require, make optional, or not require vital signs associated with a particular incident type.

Edit an existing Incident Type

  • You may inactivate an Incident by un-checking the Active box
  • You may edit the Incident Description in the box provided
  • If this requires special notifications you may mark the Serious box

The Next Step

After you have setup your Incident Types, you are ready to specify the questions included in each type of Incident.