Include In Package

"Include in Package" is the option used for residents with the "Care Package" billing option. When this option is selected and an individual is on a package, the service will automatically default as included in the package. This is the DEFAULT option, but services can be turned on or off as included in the package for each resident in the resident's service plan.

Default Services to be "Included in Package"

If you wish to have services automatically default as included in the package, it is best if you specify they are included BEFORE adding the services for all of your residents.  This is easy to do from the Setup Tab in Desktop ResiDex:

  • From the Setup Tab - Select Service List from the option on the left
  • Select: Service List Review (G/L) from the list on the right
  • Check or Un-check the "Default include in Package"

Specify Services Included in Package Per Resident:

NOTE: If an item is NOT marked as included in the package, it will be billed based on the service charge type.