In-Service Management

Staff training is an ongoing responsibility.  Management and documentation of Inservices/Training provided your staff can easily be accomplished in RTasks.

  • Adding and editing the classes offered can be done in RTasks by users with Roles 11, 13, or 17.  
  • Once the classes have been setup, users with Roles 14 and 17 are able to document attendance.  

This article will describe how new class or inservice offerings can be added.

Navigate from the Today screen in RTasks > +More > Inservice Training > and select Record Inservice Training.

From the Record Inservice Training Screen, a blue 'Manage' button is evident above the name of the Class entry field.  Click on this button.

Users can use the search field to locate a particular training (1), click 'show inactive' to display all training (2) and view by page (3).  A list of the current training offered is displayed, including category, name, description, and length.

New training can be added by selecting the New Training button.  The following entry fields appear:

  1. Category - currently these are created in desktop Residex.  Categories might include Delegated Services, Dementia Care, Medications, Infection Control, etc....  Contact support for assisting in creating new types.
  2. Training - allows the manual entry of a new training course 
  3. The default number of hours for this course (when documenting staff training is entered; this can be edited when documenting attendance).
  4. Checking boxes can allow the user to track those classes that may be considered Core training, are annual or site mandatory, and training specific to dementia care (specifically required in some states).
  5. The description field allows manual entry of training details, including a link to a web resource.  This description may describe in broad terms what was included in the training, with the specific details maintained in a curriculum folder.

Clicking 'Save' will save the data entered and allow the user to document Inservice / Training attendance.