Integration with ResiDex

ProsPex integrates with ResiDex in several ways.  You may opt to create a full service plan, service agreement, and preadmission assessment for a prospective client, prior to move in.  Alternatively, you may take a prospective client, convert them to resident and proceed to perform the admission assessment and details of the service plan at that point.  Residex allows data entered to flow freely with the resident in the transition.

Creating a Service Plan

  1. Within the prospect profile, click on the "Service" button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Begin entering services by clicking on "new" at the top.  Choose from the option list of services available to your campus.
  3. Schedule the service by entering the schedule time, days, and the provider.  The other information will auto-fill based on what was entered in the Global Service List (est. minutes, task details).
  4. Press save and continue on to the next service.
  5. SHORTCUT: Use the "Mass" button at the top of the service plan screen to see the entire service list at one time.

Creating a Service Agreement

  1. Go to the "Setup" tab and click on "Agreements" in the select box.  Choose "Agreement Manager" in the option box.
  2. At least one sample service agreement will be available to modify and build on.  Click on the "detail" button next to the agreement you wish to create.
  3. To add auto components, choose a "detail option" from the drop-down list that describes the information you want to include in your agreement. Type a number in the "Seq" column to indicate in what order the component should appear.  Create a caption or description for the component by clicking on the "text" box and typing your verbiage in the caption field.
  4. To add text, choose text in the "detail type".  Indicate the sequence number in the "Seq" column.  Click on the "text" box to enter your custom verbiage.
  5. Preview your agreement by clicking on the "preview" button.  Choose a prospect from the list to preview the agreement in the context of their specific information.

Converting Prospect to a Resident

  1. Within the prospect profile, the first section includes a field called "Status".  In the option list, select "resident".
  2. ProsPex will prompt you to confirm your choice of converting the prospect to a resident.  Click on "ok" and continue with entering the information that is requested (move in date, apartment or unit number, community and case manager).
  3. Once you have completed the preliminary resident information, ResiDex will open up the resident profile screen where you can continue adding resident-specific data.