Get Help: GoToMeeting

If you need help from one of our Support Team Members, they may ask you to "join a meeting".  What does that mean? It means that we will be able to see your screen and control the keyboard and mouse with your permission.  We use an online meeting tool to help troubleshoot an issue and perform training. 

Join a Go To Meeting:

  • Open a browser and IN THE ADDRESS BAR - clear everything out and type
  • You should be sent to this web page  where you will enter the meeting ID

  • Enter the meeting ID and press "Continue"

Being the Presenter:

  • When you are made the presenter you will get a pop up to  "Show your screen".

  • If you accidentally close the pop up you can navigate to the Go To Meeting Control Panel
  • Click the "Screen" option and then "Show My Screen"

Give Keyboard and Mouse and Pause your Screen:

  • Give keyboard and mouse: click the screen option, use the drop down options for "Share Keyboard & Mouse With" and select an option
  • To pause showing your screen - click the "Monitor" at the top of the screen window and it will reflect that your screen is now paused

First Time Using Go To Meeting?

  • You may be asked how you want to join the audio
  • Select an option (if this is a training session) or "I don't need audio" if you are on the phone with a tech support representative

  • You may be asked to enter your name and optionally your email address.  Enter the information and press OK

  • If the Organizer makes you the presenter, you may see a pop up to download the presentation viewer - click DOWNLOAD

  • If you accidentally click Cancel - you can click "Get Started" or click the "Flower" on the right
  • Click the link to "Switch to the dekstop version"  that will allow you to start the download to share your screen

  • Once downloaded, you can follow the instructions above to share your screen and give keyboard and mouse