Get Help: Ring Central Meeting

If you need help from one of our Support Team Members, they may ask you to "join a meeting".  What does that mean? It means that we will be able to see your screen and control the keyboard and mouse with your permission.  We use an online meeting tool to help troubleshoot an issue and perform training. 

Join a Ring Central Meeting:

  • Open a browser and IN THE ADDRESS BAR - clear everything out and type
  • You should be sent to this web page where you will enter the meeting ID
  • Enter the meeting ID and press "Join Meeting"

  • If the meeting does not open within a few seconds, use the prompts on the screen to download or "try again"

Join Audio Options:

  1. Click this option to see the phone number and instructions to join via a phone
  2. Click this option along with the "Join Audio" option to join using your computer mic and speakers
  3. Use this option to close out of the join audio option screen

  • Note: If you press option 3 - a pop up will appear to confirm you want to continue without audio - press "Continue"

Share Your Screen:

  • If requested from the ResiDex Support Representative, click "Share Screen"

  • Options will appear - verify "Desktop" is highlighted and press "Share Screen"

Give Keyboard and Mouse:

  • It may have "minimized" to the top of your screen, but move your cursor to the top middle of your monitor
  • A control panel should drop down - select "Remote Control" and select a name to allow them to control your keyboard and mouse

Pause Your Screen:

  • To pause showing your screen - click on the control panel (used to give keyboard and mouse)