Lead & Referral Sources

The ability to track Lead and Referral Sources is beneficial tool that is integrated in ResiDex and ProsPex.

A Lead Source is the general company or organization that the referral came from.  (For example: St. John's Hospital or Dodge County Social Services.)

A Referred by option would be the specific contact relating to the lead source. (For example: Dr. Jim Smith or Sandra Jones).

Record Lead and Referral Sources

  • On the "Home" tab - click "New"
  • Select a "Lead" from the option list
  • Select a "Referred by" option - the list is directly linked to the contacts at that resource/lead
  • Enter the "Transferred from" information (optional)
  • Click "New Resident" OR "New Prospect"

Adding a new "Lead"

Leads are directly linked to the "Resource" list.

To add a contact related to a resource:

From the "Contacts" tab

If you have a contact that was added and not associated with a resident, prospect or resource it is easy to link the two together. Use the following steps to link a contact to a resource

What are the benefits in using this feature?

  • Track tasks relating to contacts who refer individuals
  • Track marketing productivity (analyze the greatest referral source)
  • Quickly find contact information (address and phone numbers)  related to referral sources
  • Create customizable mailing lists of your referral sources