Limited Resident Access

ResiDex's "Limited View of Residents" feature allows certain staff to have RTask access limited to only one or a few residents. This is helpful if you have an outside agency that needs to view information or chart services for individuals, but for whom you would not want to give access to all residents (hospice workers, consultant physicians, therapists, or Medicare/skilled nursing providers, etc). 

How it Works:


Staff log into RTasks and select a provider;  the list of services will display only residents for whom the staff person has been given access.


When printing resident-specific reports, only those residents the staff can view will appear

When NON-resident specific reports display information, only those resident(s) the staff can access will appear

How to limit an individual user's access

  • Go to the Staff Screen in RTasks and select the staff person
  • Click on the 'Security' icon
  • From the Security screen, scroll down to select 'Resident Data Access'
  • Either the user has access to 'all residents' within their home campus or 'specific residents'.
  • If user may only have access to 'specific residents', select the residents to whom the user should have access.