Receive Medications

Marking medications as received is a process by which resident medications received from the pharmacy can be documented as such.  

Some facilities use this feature just to document the receipt of controlled meds (and add an additional amount to the Pill count), then use the Med Setup/Review feature to document that they have either setup meds in a dosage box OR reviewed the card from the pharmacy.  

Other facilities opt to use the Receive Meds feature to document ALL meds received (and they may or may not document the Med Setup/Review step in the Clinical tab).


Mark Medications as Received

Navigate from the Clinical tab > Medications Received. Select the name of the Resident (1)  and the Medication (2) and additional entry fields appear

  1. Resident Name
  2. The medication being received
  3. Select a witness's name and have them enter their RTasks password (optional)
  4. Review the details of the medication as it is currently entered in RTasks to compare with the received medication
  5. Indicate the quantity received and
  6. The total now on hand (adding the amount received with the amount previously on hand)
  7. The date of receipt defaults to the current date, but can be edited.
  8. The Rx number.  Those Rx numbers previously entered appear; if there are no meds left for a given RX number, that number can be removed.  The new RX number can be entered.
  9. The Pharmacy will default in, but can be selected
  10. The prescriber will appear, or can be selected from the dropdown
  11. An optional note can be entered.

Clicking Save will save the record;  the Pill Count for a controlled medication will reflect the new, increased number.