ResiDex Service Entry: Mass Add

If you need to enter many services for a resident all at the same time (for instance, when entering a new resident's service plan for the first time), Mass Service Entry will allow you to do so quickly and efficiently.

Note: The list of available services  pulls from the "Global Service List" in each database.  You may edit the Global Service List, but we recommend doing so with caution; editing the name of a service that is in use will change the service name for all campuses using that service in the shared database.

Use "Mass Add" to Add Services:

  1. From a resident's Service List, click the Mass Add button at the top of the screen
  2. Select all of the services you want to add to this resident's service plan with the checkboxes at the left
  3. If a service is done more than once a day - update the "quantity" field
  4. Scroll to see more services as needed
  5. When finished - press OK 

Optional Scheduling With Mass Add:

You can choose to either schedule the services on the mass add screen (prior to pressing the "Okay" button) OR use our Mass Move feature to schedule the services after you press "OK".

To schedule services on this same screen, you will note that if you selected a quantity >1 you will have multiple lines for the same service.  This will allow scheduling of the service for different times in a day. To schedule the services from the Mass Add window:

  1. Click on the "Days" field and a pop up window will appear - select the days option you need
  2. Overtype the estimated number of minutes if needed
  3. Click on "To Schedule" and enter the time using standard or simplified time
  4. Use the drop down list to select the provider who will be responsible for doing the service

  • When finished press OK to return to the resident service plan screen

Whats' Next?

  • If you did not schedule the items from the Mass Add screen, you may use the Mass Move option to schedule them
  • Fill in the "Task Details" for each service to customize them for the resident, adding details as needed.