Creating Medication Sets

Medication sets are a list of As Needed medications (such as Standing Orders) that can be grouped/customized by the facility to enter for any resident with just a few clicks. A facility can choose to have one or more Med Sets (e.g. Routine Standing Orders, Hospice Standing Orders, etc...).  This article explains how to create or edit medication sets.

To manage Medication Sets, a user must have Role 19 - Diagnoses.

Creating/Editing a Medication Set:

Contact ResiDex Support staff for assistance in entering standing orders for your setting.  A good set of standing orders will

  • Only contain medications (no services)
  • Include specific dosages (clear instructions for unlicensed staff)
  • Be acceptable and applicable for nearly all clients

Adding a Med Set to the Resident Medications

Navigate to the Resident Profile > Medications > Add New Medications and follow the instructions here for Adding a Med Set.  If any of the medications are contraindicated for a given resident, return to the resident medication list and discontinue that medication.