Memo Invoice

A memo invoice is used:

  • To create an invoice for a new resident when your company wants to give them an initial invoice and it is not time to invoice all residents
  • For a facility does not use RTasks Accounts Receivable and a resident moves out prior to billing and a final invoice needs to be given

Steps to Create a Memo Invoice:

- From the Billing tab - click Continue (Month) Billing

- Find the resident name and click "Populate" by the resident name

  • Delete pre-billed charges if you want to only include post bill items (optional)

- Click Billing - Charges - Search for the Resident Name

- Click the "trash can" and confirm button to delete the charge

Print the Invoice Memo:

A memo invoice is a snapshot of the charges screen as of that exact time. It will contain manually entered charges AND automatically created charges if invoice lines have already been created.

Unpopulate or Post the Charges:

  • If this is a new resident you will want to unpopulate, the official invoice will populate when invoices for all residents are processed

  • If this is for a discharged resident, you can post the charges by clicking the post button