Missing Service Recap

Before starting the billing process for Fee for Service billing or Care Package billing that would have "incremental" (not included in package) services, the "Missing Service Recap" report must be viewed.  If services have not been charted they will not be included in the billing for the "current period".

Before creating invoice lines, make sure these reports "Return no data" which means there are no items that have not been documented.

Missing Recap Notification:

  • Setup your notifications: Select "Missing Service Recap Entries"
  • Before "creating invoice lines" view the report
  • If information is displayed - Follow up with staff to have them mark services as "Done" or "Skipped/Decline"

NOTE: The "notification" Missing service recap entries will display data from the start date of the "current billing period" up to the current date.  If this is the first month you are doing billing, you may need to "move the billing date forward" to set the start date of services to display.  To do this:

  • Go to the billing tab
  • Click on the "Forward one month" until the "Process current period" is the correct date

Missing Recap Report:

If you prefer, you can choose the date range of missing services.  This can be done from the Desktop ResiDex Reports tab.

  • Log into Desktop ResiDex
  • Go to the Reports tab and search for the word "Missing"
  • Select the report - Missing Service Recap Entries
  • Choose your date range and press GO

Example: Below is an example of what information is on the Missing Service Recap Entries Notification and Report.

  1. Community
  2. Provider
  3. Resident
  4. Service scheduled date
  5. Time service is scheduled
  6. Service name
  7. Estimated number of minutes (because the services were not recapped, all "actual" minutes will be zero)