Opening a Batch

When a batch is complete (all money has been posted to each account), the batch is automatically closed. If a payment in the batch needs to be changed, you must first open the batch before editing the payment.

Open a Batch

  • Click the "Receive" tab
  • Click on the batch from the list on the left
  • Click on a payment that was entered on the right
  • Click "Edit" by the batch details at the top
  • Increase the batch amount (Putting a 1 in front of the dollar amount works nicely to recall the change made)
  • Press "OK"
  • Close the screen

The batch is now open.  You can use the "Add to my existing batch" to enter more payments or click on a payment on the right to edit the details.

Close the Batch

To close the batch either apply all the money or

  • Click the edit option which is by the batch detail
  • Edit the batch total down to match what was applied