Participation Summaries

Print summaries of resident participation in activities, including notes and total of events attended.

After documenting resident participation in Activities, you can print various reports and summaries based on that data.

Preview/Print Activity Reports

  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Type "activity" in the search field or choose Activities from the category option list
  3. Click on the desired report
  4. Adjust the parameters at the bottom of the screen (ex. date, resident, activity)
  5. If you want to preview before printing, make sure the preview box is checked
  6. If you want to print without previewing, or you have chosen the "all" or "some" option, click in the preview box to remove the check mark
  7. Click on "GO"

Available Activity Participation Reports

  • Activity Client Hours
  • Activity Count
  • Activity Hours
  • Activity Log
  • Activity Log - Grouped
  • Activity Attendance - By Community
  • Activity Attendance Summary