Payments and Adjustments

When looking at aging reports or the resident's "account overview",  a credit and debit may be visible on two different months or invoices.  This is typical due to one of the following reasons:

  • An invoice was paid in full and an adjustment to DECREASE the charges was later applied
  • An invoice was billed and later adjustments were applied to decrease the invoice and left a credit on the account.

While the balance on the statement and aging are accurate, many people like to "clean up" the account overview/aging.

Payments and Adjustments Leave a Credit on Invoice:

  • This is an example of an account overview report that shows payments and adjustments on an account leaving a credit on the invoice

  • To resolve this we will unapply and reapply the payment - We will NOT change the payment amount
  • Go to the Receive tab and find the payment date/batch and click on the payment

  • You will see the invoices that are "open" and those with a credit along with where the payment was applied

  • Click on "unapply" by the items on the right
  • When it is all unapplied, click apply to re-apply the payment (it will only allow you to apply up to the "new/adjusted" invoice amount)

Adjustments Creating a Credit on the Invoice:

  • This is an example of an account overview showing an invoice that reflects a credit due to adjustments only

  • To "balance" this out, enter two adjustments with the same date
  • The invoice with the credit will get a "-" adjustment to INCREASE the charges
  • The invoice that remains will get an adjustment to DECREASE the charges
  • Below is an example of the account overview with the adjustments balancing out each invoice