Pharmacy Connect History

Pharmacy Connect integrates your facility with one or more of your pharmacies, allowing the pharmacist to enter and send new and existing orders for the nurse to review, modify, and either accept or decline.  

Not all orders entered by the pharmacy are presented to the nurse to review, as they may be redundant or simply refills of an existing order.  

RTasks filters perform the following checks:
  1. If an incoming medication has an RX number that perfectly matches an existing active medication for the resident, it is filtered out and not presented to the nurse.
  2. The incoming medication’s name and instructions are compared with all the active meds for the resident. If a close match exists, then it is filtered out. This step catches minor variations in the medication that are introduced by the pharmacist. Example: “Take 1 tablet daily” vs “Take one tab each day”. 
  3. The incoming medication is compared to previous medications imported in the last 90 days for the resident. If a match exists, the med is filtered out. This step catches medications that are repeatedly sent by pharmacies when they perform their monthly cycle fills. For example: if a nurse rejects a medication because the pharmacy’s instructions (Use as directed) are not as clear as their own manually typed out directions, then the nurse probably doesn’t want to see this med appear over pharmacy connect every week.
  4. In addition to the above checks, we also run a cleanup process that drops anything not processed by the nurse within 14 days.
 Keeping the number of medications to a minimum is important to avoid overwhelming users.  The RTasks History view will allow the nurse to see any of these orders that were filtered out and process them, if he/she deems that appropriate.  


Pharmacy Connect History

Navigate to the Resident Profile > Medications > Pharmacy Connect > Pharmacy Connect History

Click the Pharmacy Connect History button and view those items that have been sent by the pharmacy but 'filtered'. The "Reimport' button to the right will allow the nurse to review and process that medication as a regular import.