Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures can be entered in RTasks and published, electronically shared with staff to review and acknowledge, and reviewed or printed as a report.  Certain procedures may be linked to an associated service, creating a link in that service-- a reference for staff as they are performing that skill or service.  

Users with the Administrative 411 Role can add or edit policies.  Nurses, Managers (Role 11) and Supervisors (Role 13) are able to push policies out to staff for review.

Manage Policies and Procedures

Policies can be entered by navigating from the Today Screen > +More > Administration > Policies.  Here, current policies are viewed, grouped by type alphabetically.  Users can see

  • the category
  • the title
  • the initial policy text
  • the provider types to whom it was assigned
  • the staff person who created or last edited the policy.

Click on any policy to open up additional details.

Add a Policy/Procedure

To add a Policy, click the New Policy button.  This first step will create a 'draft' policy. Enter:

  1. The title of the policy  
  2. The category - this will allow policies to be sorted and grouped with like policies. 
  3. Categories are set by database and can be added, edited, or deleted by clicking the link 'Manage' and making desired changes.
  4. The body - can be copied and pasted from an electronic document, or manually entered here.  Rich text allows bold print, underlining, bullet points, etc...  and electronic links can be included in the text field.
  5. Service links - Policies and Procedures can be linked to one or more services.  An active link to the policy will be available to staff from that service.  
  6. Provider types -  select the provider types to whom the policy pertains.  

Clicking the Save button will save that policy/procedure as a Draft.

Publishing a Policy

From the Policy screen, select the policy to be published and open up the details of that draft policy.  Make any edits to the draft as needed;  editing is not permitted for a policy that  has the status of published.

Click the Change Status button >  Change to Published to create the final Policy/Procedure.  

Push Policy to Staff for Review

If this policy/procedure should be electronically reviewed by staff and acknowledged, click 'Push Policy to Staff for Acknowledgement' to complete.  

Users have the option of pushing out the policy by selecting Campus or Staff. 

Campus:  allows the user to select which of the campuses  in the database they want to push the policy out to, and which provider types at those campuses:

Staff: allows users to specify the provider types and/or individual staff members at a single campus (the campus from which they have published the policy).

Once staff have reviewed a policy that has been published, it is not available to edit and re-publish.  The old policy must be Ended and a new/updated policy created using the steps above.

Review and Acknowledgement

 Once the Policy/Procedure has been pushed out to staff, users will view this task in their Today screen.  The policy review will stay on the Today screen until staff review and acknowledge it.

Edit an Existing Policy

Policies in draft form can continue to be edited until published.  When in published form, editing is limited to changing the services to which a policy is linked, or the providers who should have access/review the policy.  

To edit the title, category, or the body of the Policy/Procedure that has NOT been pushed out to staff, select Revert to Draft (1) and make edits to these fields.

Policies that HAVE been published AND reviewed by staff are no longer available to edit. They must be ended and a new policy created / published.

Ending a Policy (2) will inactivate the policy



Policies for New Staff

New staff can have policies pushed out to them to review/acknowledge by navigating to the Staff Profile button and clicking on the Populate Policies button.

Users can select all or some of the policies to push out to the employee.

Associated Reports

Navigate to Fax/Print > Reports > category Policy

  1. Policies Reviewed - All Staff will list each staff person and the policies they have reviewed, as well as those that are yet to do.
  2. Policies Reviewed - One Staff allows selection of a single staff to view policies reviewed
  3. Policies Reviewed by Policy - shows for a single policy, the names of users who have reviewed the policy.
  4. Policy Document will allow you to select and print a selected Policy document.