Populate - Review - Post

Steps of the billing process will take place throughout the month so that the day billing is processed things should move along efficiently. We will step through the billing process pointing out items that can be done daily/weekly to streamline your billing process. 

Populate Invoices:

Populating invoices is the step in the billing process where all the charges come together to prepare for review.  This process will gather all the fees and create invoice lines as applicable for each resident. To do this:

  • Click on Billing - Begin (month) Billing
  • Click Populate Invoices (month)

  • The charges will display in the "Total" column for each resident

Reviewing Invoices:

Trial Invoice Detail:

The "Trial Invoice Detail" report will allow you to see a consolidated view of all of your residents with every charge for that billing period.  To run the report:

  • After the invoice lines are populated - click View reports
  • Select "Trial Invoice Detail"
  • Click Create report

  • Scroll through the report reviewing all of the charges and credits
  • Each resident will have an invoice total for the period

Editing Charges:

When reviewing the Trial Invoice Detail report or the Review for Possible Adjustments you may find the need to edit or delete charges

To Edit Charges:

  • Click on Billing and then the Charges option
  • Click on any charge and edit  the charge as needed
  • Press Save Charge when finished

To Delete Charges:

  • Click on Billing and then the Charges option
  • The "Trash can" by any charge line
  • Press Confirm and the charge will be deleted

Posting Invoices:

  • When you are finished reviewing and making changes - click the Post Invoices (month) button