Posting Charges

Once you have reviewed trial invoices and made any necessary corrections, you will need to post charges to the resident accounts and then print invoices. When you post charges, the charge screen will be locked and display the invoice number.  If you have licensed and use the accounts receivable module,  the system will calculate statement balances for each resident, giving you not only the list of charges, but a total of what is owed by the resident including past due balances and payments.

Post Charges

After you have applied all charges and created invoice lines, you are prepared to Post Charges.

  • Start on the Billing Tab
  • Click the “Post Charges Button”

  • Another screen will open; click the "Post Charges" button
  • A message will appear reporting that the posting process is complete - press OK
  • When the posting process is complete, you will see the billing screen - the top options will be unavailable until the month is "closed"

Printing Invoice/Statements:

Once the posting process is complete, you can print invoice or statements