Print Troubleshooting

Because RTasks is a web-based application, printing is managed on the device and browser from which RTasks is being accessed.  Some simple steps can help in troubleshooting printing problems.

RTasks Printing Issues

When creating the report, I get an 'Oops' message.

  • If you are printing a large group of reports "All", try printing One or Some.  Large reports may 'time out', creating the error message.  
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection and speed to ensure it is optimal
  • Contact support as indicated in the message and ResiDex staff will work to test the report and resolve the issue. 

When printing a report, the report creates, but there is no data showing.

Review the parameters selected (e.g. the resident/s, the dates, etc...) to ensure there is data that has been entered
NOTE: If no data has been entered, no data can be populated.

The report creates but there are errors in the data presented, OR you have requests for modification

Contact ResiDex support at 866.512.8369, Extension 2

Printing Issues 'outside' of RTasks

 The report creates to preview, but there are odd characters appearing in the data

This is likely a print driver issue.  Contact your IT department or resource.

I am able to preview the report in RTasks, the data looks correct, but I'm unable to print.  

  • If available - Contact your IT Department
  • Verify the default printer is set: Go to 'Settings' on your device and ensure that the correct default printer has been selected.
  • Check the printer to ensure it is turned on, 'online' and not awaiting actions such as adding paper, or clearing a paper jam.
  • Go to Settings > Printer on the device to view the print 'queue' and verify the print job has been sent to the printer.
  • Verify that you have a PDF writer installed on the device from which you are printing. (Example CutePDF Writer) 
  • Make sure you are printing from a supported web browser.  (Google Chrome, FireFox, or Safari.  Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not recommended)