Print Troubleshooting

Because RTasks is a web-based application, printing is managed on the device and browser from which RTasks is being accessed.  Some simple steps can help in troubleshooting printing problems.

RTasks Printing Issues

Issue: 1 When creating the report, I get an 'Oops' message.

Suggested Actions: 

  • If you are printing a large group of reports "All", try printing One or Some.  Large reports may 'time out', creating the error message.  
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection and speed to ensure it is optimal
  • Contact support as indicated in the message and ResiDex staff will work to test the report and resolve the issue. 

Issue 2 - When printing a report, the report creates, but there is no data showing.

Suggested Actions:  

  • Review the parameters selected (e.g. the resident/s, the dates, etc...) to ensure there is data that has been entered

NOTE: If no data has been entered, no data can be populated.

Issue 3 -  The report creates but there are errors in the data presented, OR you have requests for modification

Suggested Actions: 

  • Contact ResiDex support at 866.512.8369 Option 2

Printing Issues 'outside' of RTasks

Issue 1 -  The report creates to preview, but there are odd characters appearing in the data

Suggested Actions: 

  • This is likely a print driver issue.  Contact your IT department or resource.

Issue 2 - I am able to preview the report in RTasks, the data looks correct, but I'm unable to print.  

Suggested Actions: if the report previews fine, it suggests the issue falls outside of RTasks.  

  • If available - Contact your IT Department
  • Verify the default printer is set: Go to 'Settings' on your device and ensure that the correct default printer has been selected.
  • Check the printer to ensure it is turned on, 'online' and not awaiting actions such as adding paper, or clearing a paper jam.
  • Go to Settings > Printer on the device to view the print 'queue' and verify the print job has been sent to the printer.
  • Verify that you have a PDF writer installed on the device from which you are printing. (Example CutePDF Writer) 
  • Make sure you are printing from a supported web browser. 

We are supported on Google Chrome, FireFox, or Safari.  Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.