Printing Previous Invoices or Statements

Reprinting past invoices or statements can be done for an individual resident or for an entire campus (every invoice for a billing period).

Printing Invoices/Statements for One Resident

  • From the Home tab - open a Resident profile screen
  • From the Option List - select Charges

  • Use the drop down to select the billing month
  • Select Print Invoice or Print Statement

Printing Past Invoices/Statements for All Residents

  • From the Billing Tab
  • After the month is posted or BEFORE "creating invoice lines" you have the option to Print Invoices/Statements

  1. Select the month you want to print/reprint
  2. Click the Print Invoices button

  • Continue as you would normally print invoices/statements
  • Select: Print all Invoices (Payer) or Print all Statements

Print one Invoice/Statement for one Resident from the Billing Screen:

  • Start from the Billing Tab
  • Click the "Print Invoices" button
  • Click the Go Button by the desired Resident's name

  • This opens the resident charges screen
  • Click on the Invoice or Statement button at the top of the screen

  • Note: you can still change the invoice/statement month when printing for one resident from the "Print Invoices" button