Profiles: Resources

Resources include organizations and medical providers that provide services and support to the residents of your campus.  Resources can be entered in the Resources > People > Resident Profile > Resources, but can be viewed by users with Role 1 or Role 52  from the menu bar by navigating to Profiles > Resources.  Users with the 411 Role are able to edit these entries.

Adding a new Organization

Organizations can include:

  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Hospices
  • Medical Transportation
  • Durable Medical Equipment Providers
  • Medicare-certified home care agencies
  • Agencies referring prospective clients to your organization


To add a new organization, click the New Organization button here, or navigate to the resident or prospect for whom this organization provides services.  From their profile, select 'Resources' and enter the information as described in the related document, Resident Resources

Add a New Organization Type

Users may wish to add a new type of organization to the list of resources (e.g. nursing home or funeral home preferences, etc....).  To enter a new organization type, click the 'Manage' button visible as you are entering a new Organization.  Entry fields appear allowing you to enter a new type to appear in the field dropdown menu.


Viewing and Editing  Organizations

Organizations can be viewed or edited from the Resident Profile > Resources screen, or by navigating in the menu bar to Profiles > Resources.  This document will describe the Profiles Resource screen.

Resources  are listed alphabetically.  Users can begin entering the name of the organization in the search field, OR use the page option to move between pages.  

Each organization is listed by name and includes the type (clinic, home health, hospital, etc...).  "Resource" identifies that organization as the referral source for a prospect.  Address, phone, and fax information appear, and a notes field allows entry of additional information.  

Select any organization; fields can be edited, then saved.

Deleting an organization can be done if that resource is not connected with a client or prospect record, and only by those users with the 411 Administrative role.  If it IS connected to a current record, the user with role 411 is allowed to delete it if the user can specify an appropriate replacement (as in the case of a duplicate record)- effectively merging that organization with another.

Inactivating a Resource Organization for a specific resident

Users can make organizations inactive if the resident no longer uses them as a resource (e.g skilled home care agency or hospice).  They remain visible, however, so users can reactivate if needed. 

Navigate from the Resident Profile > Resources > Organizations and select the organization to be inactivated.  Click 'Edit' and uncheck the Active Box. 


That resource will remain visible, but flagged as inactive.  It can be reactivated when needed.

Viewing and Editing Health Professionals

By navigating from Profiles > Resources, users with Roles 1 or 52 can also view physicians, dentists, and other specific health care workers that are affiliated with residents or prospects of the facility.

These, too, can be edited or deleted by users with the 411 Role.  Entries can be edited by selecting the entry and making desired changes.