ProsPex Overview

ProsPex is the software module that allows you to easily and efficiently keep a record of your leads and waiting list.

ProsPex Features

  • Track referral, lead and advertising sources
  • Customize your option lists to make them applicable to your facility
  • Schedule tours and track prospect contacts in the Task Manager
  • Perform a pre-admission assessment to evaluate appropriateness
  • Keep a list of the prospect contacts and designate a primary contact
  • List demographic data including current residence
  • Optionally enter clinical information like diagnoses and doctors
  • Track prospects by zip code, lead source, or room type
  • Create a resident profile from a prospect profile

ProsPex Benefits

  • Seamless transition from prospect status to resident status
  • Efficient method of tracking your personnel contact with prospects
  • Numerous reports that summarize prospect data
  • Visibility of prospect-related tasks by all authorized staff
  • Accessible prospect information