ProsPex Overview

ProsPex in RTasks allows users to easily and efficiently track leads, manage a wait list, and track the progress of each inquiry.

ProsPex Features

Track referral, lead and advertising sources.  We use a tiered approach, moving from general to specific, for example (Type: Clinic >  Lead Source:  Mayo Clinic >  Referral Source:  Dr. Seuss).

  1. Customized option lists to make them applicable to your facility.  The needs and preferences of a 'lead' can be very specific;  ProsPex allows a high degree of customization.  (e.g. Needs:  anxiety, med assistance, nutrition, etc...). 
  2. Schedule tours, invitations, and track prospect contacts using Task Manager.  Creating and scheduling tasks for yourself or others minimizes the risk of lost prospects and creates documentation of each time the prospective client has been 'touched'.
  3. Perform a pre-admission assessment to evaluate appropriateness.  Identifying care needs and ensuring appropriate placement is critical for compliance, but can also save you time and money.  
  4. Track prospect contacts and designate a primary contact.  This information is useful when creating tasks and mailing lists, and important as move-in approaches
  5. List demographic data including current residence to get started- then add information to the ProsPex profile as more information becomes available.
  6. Optionally enter clinical information like diagnoses and doctors.  Data entered on prospective clients will follow the prospect as they become a resident.  
  7. Track prospects by zip code, lead source, or room type.  Our reports provide useful information on leads and wait lists and can become an important part of an overall marketing plan (e.g. Daily Sales Action Plan report).
  8. Create a resident profile from a prospect profile.  No duplicate entry required;  moving a resident from prospect to active resident can be accomplished in seconds.

ProsPex Benefits

  • Seamless transition from prospect status to resident status
  • Efficient method of tracking your personal contact with prospects
  • Numerous reports that summarize prospect data
  • Visibility of prospect-related tasks by all authorized staff
  • Accessible prospect information