ProsPex Terminology

Understanding  terms used in ProsPex will help you manage your waiting list more effectively.


Lead Source (general): How did the prospect first make contact with you (ex. phone, internet, email)?

Referred By (specific): Who referred the prospect to you (ex. MD, social services, or another facility)?


Lead: an inquiry has been made through initial contact, but not yet committed to moving in.

Waiting List: the prospect has committed to moving in when a unit is available.

Preferred Waiting List: the prospect has an urgent need (ex. health) or has fulfilled his/her application requirements in order to move into the first available unit

Not Appropriate: after performing a pre-admission assessment or other evaluation, it has been determined that the acuity level of the prospect is not appropriate for your facility


Room Type: what style of unit is the prospect interested in?

Community: which area of your building is the prospect likely to move into?

Housing Type: which part of your facility or setting is the prospect most suited for (ex. assisted living, memory care)?


Primary Contact: Will the primary contact be the prospect him/herself or will it be one of the emergency contacts listed?

Role: What legal relationship does the designated contact have with the prospect (ex. POA, Guarantor)?

Relationship: What is the personal relationship between the prospect and the contact (ex. daughter, friend)?


Task Manager:  RTasks tool that allows users to create and manage tasks related to prospective contacts (ex. schedule tour, phone calls, mailings)