Rate Schedule Setup

When creating a rate schedule, you will determine what a unit will equal and what rate per provider will be billed per unit. Rate schedules will be used for fee for service and care package billing when incremental charges are billed at a VARIABLE rate.

To Create a Rate Schedule:

  • Go to the billing tab and click "Rate Schedule"

  • Edit a rate schedule or add a new rate schedule name

  • Specify the increment in minutes

15 min would mean: 1 to 15 min = 1 unit; 16 to 30 min = 2 units; etc.

30 min would mean:  1 to 30 min = 1 unit; 31 to 60 min = 2 units; etc.

  • Click "Show Rates"

Note: The provider type you see in the rate schedule is directly linked to the provider type in the "Global Job (Service) List".  If you do not use a particular provider type in the Global Job list you can enter a rate of $99.00 so when you are reviewing the trial invoice detail you can capture possible errors.

 Specify Rate Schedule for Each Resident:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - open a Resident Profile Screen
  • Select the Rate Schedule from the option list provided on the left