Billing: Rate Schedule Setup

A Rate Schedule specifies what the price of a unit of service is, based upon provider type. For instance,

  •  $9.00/15 minutes for a HHA
  • $25.00/15 minutes for RN

Once set for the campus, Rate Schedules will determine what services set to the "Variable" rate will bill the resident.  Rate schedules may be used for fee-for-service clients to bill services based upon time spent, OR for residents with care packages, to bill certain services not included in the care package, based upon time spent.

To Create a Rate Schedule:

  • In RTasks >Click Billing > Billing Configuration
  • Click Rate Schedules
  • Click - New Rate Schedule (or) click on one of the current rate schedules
  • Enter/Edit the Rate Schedule name
  • Enter/Edit the Increment value - for example:

> 15 min would mean: 1 to 15 min = 1 unit; 16 to 30 min = 2 units; etc.

> 30 min would mean:  1 to 30 min = 1 unit; 31 to 60 min = 2 units; etc.

  • Enter/Edit the per increment rate for each provider type needed
  • Press Save