E-Faxing: Receiving Faxes

With ResiDex E-Faxing capabilities, you can view incoming faxes  electronically via RTasks. 

Viewing Received Faxes From the Menu Bar:

Faxes sent to your ResiDex E-Fax number are visible in RTasks. To view them:

  • Log Into RTasks
  • Click the Fax/Print Option
  • Click the Fax option from the dropdown (1)
  • Click Inbox (2)

Fax Notification:

When you receive a fax, RTasks will pop up an alert at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on Faxes at the bottom of the screen
  • You will automatically be directed to the View received faxes screen
  • Click on the link in the Files section

Processing Received Faxes:

Once you have received a fax message, your next step is to acknowledge you have reviewed it.

  • Click on the Files section to view the fax
  • A new browser page will open displaying the PDF Fax
  • After viewing the fax - click back on the RTasks browser page
  • If you don't wish to name or link the fax - simply click Mark as processed

Name or Link a Fax:

You may want to file this fax in a way that makes it easier to retrieve in the future, or make it visible in the Desktop ResiDex Resident OR Staff "Links" list. To do this:

  • Select "Edit" on the fax you wish to process:

  • Select an "Attachment Type". (example: Med Order, Signed Agreement, MD order, Employee Application etc.) 
  • Enter the name of the person who sent it to you (note: if the sender's fax is in your system, the name will be filled in)
  • Enter a description of what this fax is to make it easier to find in the future
  • You can also associate this fax with a resident OR staff member (This will display in the "Links" list in Desktop ResiDex
  • When finished, click Mark as Processed

Deleting A Fax

Faxes can be deleted from the Inbox or Outbox using the Delete icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.