E-Faxing: Receiving Faxes

Faxing has important place in the workflow of coordinating effective healthcare for individuals across multiple unrelated healthcare providers.  
RTasks E-faxing (sometimes also called "digital faxing" or "virtual faxing") exists to help streamline your communications workflow, making dealing with faxes a lot easier and more efficient, and to help you reduce reliance on paper documents.

RTasks E-Faxing: 

  • Allows other entities to fax digital files directly into RTasks rather than printing from a physical fax machine or downloading/uploading/transfering documents from another electronic fax system
  • Scanned and other digital documents can be faxed directly by being uploaded into RTasks without printing them first and then sending them through a fax machine
  • Authorized users can view incoming e-faxes and send outgoing e-faxes from wherever they are from any device. For instance, an on-call nurse can review received faxes right from their smartphone from home
  • Integration with other RTasks features allows you to do double duty: RTasks reports can be faxed directly from RTasks without being printed/downloaded, even without being previewed if you want.This significantly reduces the number of steps it takes an RTasks user to communicate external care providers. You can also send a fax AND add a document to a resident's record / staff member's record all at once.
  • Maintain a searchable historical record of incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Easily Resend faxes if needed.


Viewing Received Faxes From the Menu Bar:

Faxes sent to your ResiDex E-Fax number are visible in RTasks. To view them:

  • Log Into RTasks
  • Click the Fax/Print Option
  • Click the Fax option from the dropdown (1)
  • Click Inbox (2)

Fax Notification:

When you receive a fax, RTasks will pop up an alert at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on Faxes at the bottom of the screen
  • You will automatically be directed to the View received faxes screen
  • Click on the link in the Files section

Processing Received Faxes:

Once you have received a fax message, your next step is to acknowledge you have reviewed it.

  • Click on the Files section to view the fax
  • A new browser page will open displaying the PDF Fax
  • After viewing the fax - click back on the RTasks browser page
  • If you don't wish to name or link the fax - simply click Mark as processed

Name or Link a Fax:

You may want to file this fax in a way that makes it easier to retrieve in the future, or make it visible in the Desktop ResiDex Resident OR Staff "Links" list. To do this:

  • Select "Edit" on the fax you wish to process:

  • Select an "Attachment Type". (example: Med Order, Signed Agreement, MD order, Employee Application etc.) 
  • Enter the name of the person who sent it to you (note: if the sender's fax is in your system, the name will be filled in)
  • Enter a description of what this fax is to make it easier to find in the future
  • You can also associate this fax with a resident OR staff member (This will display in the "Links" list in Desktop ResiDex
  • When finished, click Mark as Processed

Deleting A Fax

Faxes can be deleted from the Inbox or Outbox using the Delete icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Faxes can be deleted from the Resident Record > Documents by click 'Delete' for the record