Record Supply Usage

If your facility tracks supply usage in ResiDex, your staff can use the "New Resident Supply" option in RTasks to document which supplies were used for each individual resident.

To turn this on, you will first edit the campus configuration option in Desktop ResiDex

  • Login to desktop ResiDex and go to Setup
  • Go to the Campus Configuration screen and search for "Supplies"
  • Set the configuration option: Show supplies option on the RTasks screen to "Yes"

Getting Started

Initial setup involves entering data about the supplies-- the type, pricing, GL codes, cost, etc.... This article provides information about the initial entry of supplies.

Enter a Supply in RTasks:

  • In RTasks, Click on the +More Button from the Today Screen
  • Select the option "New Resident Supply"
  • Select the Resident
  • Select the item and specify the quantity
  • The cost per unit will populate and the total charge will be visible.
  • Click on Save.

  • Press Save


 View: Resident Supply History and Delete

  • From the +More Button, Select "View Resident Supply History"
  • This will display all supplies in the time frame selected
  • Alternatively, you can search by resident to view just those supplies provided the specified resident
  • Press Delete by any supply to remove it.