Requirements & Recommendations is accessible from Windows computers & tablets, Apple computers, iPads, & iPhones, Android tablets & smartphones, and ChromeBooks.

Windows & Apple Computer Requirements

  • High Speed internet access is required.
  • At least 4GB of RAM is recommended. 
  • Apple: MAC OS X and later are versions supported.
  • Windows Computers:  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 and later are all supported.  Must be kept up-to-date with all Windows updates (check for Windows Updates here.)

Mobile Devices (iPads & other tablet computers, Smartphones) is compatible with iPads, Android and Windows tablets, iPhones, Android Smartphones, and Google ChromeBooks.  We have some general requirements & recommendations regardless of what type of device is used: 

  • Mobile devices are required to be running an up-to-date version of their operating system (IOS, Android, Windows) to use RTasks. 
  • An internet connection is required, ideally provided via a strong WiFi signal (recommended).
  • We recommend you use Google Chrome as a web-browser wherever possible. If Chrome is not available, we recommend Mozilla Firefox. We also support Apple Safari and Internet Explorer 11 web browsers. We do not support generic Android web browsers, Amazon Silk, or IE 10 or before. 
  • Your organization should consider how your hardware will be supported - if devices are damaged or need support, where will that help come from? This is particularly important for organizations without formal internal IT support. 
  • If you have unreliable or incomplete WiFi coverage, RTasks Unplugged will help!

Data Plans are not required. A data plan or connection to a mobile hot spot with a data plan will work, however WiFi will typically offer significantly better performance at a smaller cost. 

IOS (Apple iPad & iPhone)

Our clients using Apple IOS devices like the iPad and iPhone generally report they are happiest with their devices out of all of our clients; IOS devices seem to result in the best overall experience. 

Most of our clients use the base model iPad, though the iPad Mini is also popular. For RTasks, there is no need to use anything other than a base-model Wi-Fi only iPad - adding additional storage space or cellular data connectivity is completely unnecessary for RTasks use.

The iPhone (any size) also works well, but mostly among current clients it is only used by nurses who have authorization to use a personal device. 

IOS devices have a unique advantage versus their competitors, especially for organizations without internal IT support, in the form of the Apple Store retail locations which are able to provide hardware support for Apple devices; there is no similar central standard organization for supporting Android devices, for example.

Android tablets and smartphones

Android devices  are the second-most popular choice for devices used for

  • Any size screen Android device will work great
  • We recommend brands of Android device with a strong track record, e.g. the Samsung Galaxy tab, Google  Nexus.
  • We specifically recommend against low-priced Android tablets - very inexpensive Android tablets have been where our users have encountered the most hardware issues (battery duration problems, screen problems, charging problems, general usability problems). 


ChromeBooks work great for using, and all associated features (including E-MAR). They are most commonly used by our clients for E-MAR purposes on medication carts, in place of laptops.  We recommend the use of ChromeBooks wherever a user would need to do a significant amount of typing in the course of their duties - the physical keyboard allows for easier, faster typing than on-screen keyboards typically do.

Windows tablets

The Windows Surface Pro / Surface RT line of tablets is popular and is versatile for users who need a more full featured Windows device. These devices work great and our clients are in general happy with them. Quality Windows tablets are often more expensive than comparable tablets of other types. Other Windows tablets are available, but the quality level of these tablets runs the full spectrum from very good to very bad.

Kindle Fire

You can use on a Kindle Fire tablet, and but we don't recommend Kindle Fire devices for a few reasons:

  • In our experience, the performance of Kindle Fires is mediocre in comparison with their competition.
  • Fewer than 1% of all RTasks users use Kindle Fire devices.
  • Kindle Fire devices come with an added complication: Special customization is very strongly recommended to use RTasks: 

    The default web browser on a Kindle tablet is Amazon's "Silk" web browser. While this can be used to access RTasks, we cannot guarantee users accessing through the "Silk" web browser will have access to all RTasks features. Therefore, we very strongly recommend any Kindle Fire used to access has a supported modern web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) installed and used to access RTasks. 

Steps to install a supported web browser on a Kindle Fire device

1. “Settings” > “Security” > “Apps from Unknown Sources” > “On“
2. “Apps” > “Settings” > “Applications” > “Apps From Unknown Sources” > “On“
3. “Settings” > “More” > “Device” > “Allow Installation of Applications” > “On“
Once you do that, you can install Firefox or Chrome

High-Speed Internet

To use ResiDex Hosting or RTasks, you need to have a High Speed Internet connection. We recommend an internet connection with a download speed of at least 12 MBPS.  In general, the faster internet download speed you have, the better performance you will experience.
How to check your internet connection speed.


In general, the printer you select won't make a huge difference. 

  • Not all printers support printing from mobile devices (tablet / smartphones). If you wish to print from these devices, you will need to select a printer that supports mobile device printing for your type of device
  • We recommend against printers that aren't intended for business use, as well as "Host-Based" printers. This basically means we recommend our users don't use very-low-cost "all-in-one" printers (for example, the HP All-In-One line of printers is specifically not recommended). These printers will end up costing you more in the long run with ink/toner and the time you have to spend to deal with their issues.