Resetting Staff Passwords

For security reasons, the ResiDex Support team cannot reset passwords in most circumstances. Staff who need their passwords reset will be directed to contact their supervisor or the nurse on-call.

Users who have an email address to sign into RTasks can reset their own password with the 'forgot my password' link from the login page.

Supervisors can reset the password for staff with usernrame logins by following the steps below.

Resetting an RTasks Password

  • Go to People > Staff, and open the Staff Profile of the individual whose password you wish to reset.
  • Click on the "Reset Password" that sits just beneath the employee picture
  • A default temporary password will appear;  you may also overtype this to create a temporary password of your choosing. 
  • Press Save! The user can now log in with the temporary password you have provided, and will be prompted to reset it upon their next login.


Managing Staff Permissions

At any time you can manage the security permissions for your staff; take a look here to find out how!