Resident Charges

RTasks allows a user with Billing (Role 4) to see charges invoiced to an individual resident directly from their profile screen.  From this screen you can also:

  • Add charges for the current month
  • Delete charges that are populated but not posted
  • View details about the charges

Access the Resident Charges screen:

  • From the People > Resident list > Click on a resident
  • Click on the Charges option on the resident profile
  • If you use RTasks for billing, you will see charge lines in the current month (if charges are populated)
  • If you have been billing for more than a month, you will see charges by navigating to previous months
  • If you click on any line item you can display additional information such as the G/L code

Adding or Editing Non-Posted Charges:

  • If charges are entered or populated and not posted, you can click the trashcan to delete a charge

  • To add a charge to the current billing period click the Add Charge option

  • Fill in the charge details and press Save Charge