Resident Check-Out / In

Residents leaving the facility for short term outings or appointments can be 'checked out' by staff when leaving and documented 'checked in' again upon returning.  The RTasks Task Manager and Login Report are used to manage the process.

While this can be used for medical appointments, the Referral Appointments feature in RTasks already accomplishes this;  the Resident Check-Out / In feature can be helpful for other types of outings, or when resident location needs to be tracked.

Please note that 'checking out' a resident does not place the resident on hold status. The services and meds will still appear on caregiver assignments. Follow the link to instructions on How to put a resident on hold.


Resident Check-Out

To document a resident is leaving the building, staff would navigate from the Today screen to > +More > Task Manager > New Task.  

  1. Select the Task Type 'Resident Check-Out'
  2. Enter the task detail -- the time the resident is expected back
  3. The name of the staff checking the resident out will default
  4. Do NOT mark the task as completed;  it should remain open
  5. The current date will appear as default
  6. The time the resident left can be entered
  7. Select the name of the resident being checked out
  8. Leave the Contact field blank
  9. Add details as desired
  10. Save to complete the check-out process

Login Report

By including the sub-report 'Residents Out of Building' in the Login report, all users can see those residents who were checked out of the building. To add this subreport to the existing Login Report, following these instructions.

Resident Check-In

To check the resident back, in simply navigate from the Today Screen to > +More > Task Manager > View Tasks

  1. The current month will default
  2. Select Tasks assigned to "All"
  3. Select Tasks associated with "All"
  4. Select Tasks associated with "All" OR select Resident Check-Out type
  5. Identify the task and mark it complete.

Alternatively, click on the task to open up the detail and add additional information before marking complete: