Resident CUSTOM Care Package

When preparing  for Care Package billing, you must ensure the basic setup is complete.  To verify your billing is accurate, each step - from setting up rates to indicating which services are included in the package - must be completed.  If your facility uses "Custom" care package levels, you can simply set up a "Custom Package" with any default amount.  When you select it for a resident you will type in the care package amount.

Note: In order to use this feature a ResiDex Support staff will turn on the campus configuration option: Allow Editing Package Amounts per resident.  Please contact ResiDex support for assistance.

Specify the Resident Care Package:

  • Ensure the individual is on the billing option "Care Package"
  • Click on People > Resident option
  • Select a resident and click Billing
  • Select the Set/Update Package, choose the package
  • Select the effective date
  • Enter the Rate
  • Press Save