Resident CUSTOM Rent Setup

A resident can be assigned only one rent amount. These are selected in the People > Resident > Billing option in RTasks. The options you will see are based upon what rent you have selected for that unit/room number. If your facility uses "Custom" rents, you can simply set up a rent type of "Rent" with any default amount.  When selected for a resident, you will simply type in the custom rent amount.

Note: In order to use this feature, a ResiDex Support staff will turn on the campus configuration option: Allow Editing Rent Amounts per resident.  Please contact ResiDex support for assistance.

Rent per Resident:

  • In RTasks - click on People > Resident option
  • Select a resident and click Billing
  • Select the Set/Update Rent, choose the rent
  • Enter the effective date
  • Enter the Rate
  • Press Save