Resident Payer Setup

Each resident by default is considered “Private pay” when they are entered.  If you have residents who are on a waiver program or have contracted amounts those need to be entered for each resident. While Rent, Packages, and Supplemental packages are set up the same for private pay and waiver residents, the payer section ONLY needs “setup” for non private pay residents with contract amounts.

Resident Payers/Contract Rates:


  • Go to the People > Resident tab and click on a Resident
  • Click Billing > Payers
  • Click “Add New Payer” to enter a payer/contract amount
  • A resident may have multiple payers but the “Program” may only be used once/resident
  • The “Program” selected will determine which charges the contract amount adjusts against
  • A resident may have any combination of the following

Private: with Program “Services - Private”

Private: with Program “Rent - Private”

Private: with Program “Spenddown Private (Services)”

EW (Or any other payer): with Program “Services - EW”

EW (Or any other payer): with Program “Services - EW other”

GRH (Or any other payer): with Program “Rent GRH”

 Billing Screen for Clients with "Contract Amounts":

  • The Rent and Care Package fees will be set up as if the resident is private pay
  • The Supplemental packages will be specified individually if they are "included in the contract" amount
  • The Contract amounts under “Payers” will specify how you expect to get reimbursed (at a contracted/adjusted rate)