Resident Resources

The Resources button in RTasks' Resident Profile screen allows users to document important resources for that individual, such as health care providers, organizations, insurances, and the like.

To access this data, navigate from Profiles > Residents > select Resources.

Three categories of resources are available here:  Providers, Organizations, and Health Plans.  Selecting each of these options will display all current resources in that category, and allow the user to add resources.


Providers include individuals - Primary Care Physicians, Dentists, and any specialists- that provide care or services to the resident.  

 Selecting any individual provider will allow the user to edit that provider, remove them from the resident list, OR flag them as "primary" for that resident.

Clicking the Add Provider allows the user to enter a new Provider.

  1. Enter the provider name (1,2)
  2. Start entering the type of provider and RTasks will offer suggestions.  Select the one that applies (3)
  3. Enter the phone number (4) and fax number, if known (5)
  4. Add the organization or clinic to which they are affiliated (6)
  5. The UPIN and NPI are optional fields.

Click Save to add the new provider;  Cancel will remove the entry and return you to the provider view.


Selecting the option Organizations button from the Resources view will allow the user to view organizations used by the individual.  This can include hospitals, clinics, hospices, pharmacies, durable medical equipment providers, therapy groups, and even regular transportation sources.

Selecting any single organization will open up fields allowing the user to edit details, inactivate the provider, or delete the organization from the resident's record.

To add a new organization, click the Add Organization button

  1. Enter the name of the organization (1) and the type (2)
  2. Enter the street address, city, state, and zip (3,4,7,8)
  3. Enter the phone and fax numbers (5,6)
  4. The notes field allows users to enter details that might clarify the organizations role or relationship to the resident.
  5. Entering a hospice organization will automatically 'flag' that resident as being a hospice recipient.

Click Save to save the data;  Cancel will erase data entered and return the user to the Organizations screen.

Inactivating an Organization

Select the organization and un-click the Active button to make that organization inactive for the resident.  It is then flagged as inactive. It can be edited to reactivate.

Health Plans

This tab will allow users to view health plans and add additional resources as needed.  Examples might include Medicare and Medicare supplements, private health insurance, long-term care insurance, and the like.

 Clicking on an individual health plan will allow the user to update, remove the plan, or cancel the action (and so return the user to the health plans screen).

Selecting the Add New Plan button will allow users to enter the details of a new health plan

  1. Enter the name of the plan (1)
  2. The Plan/Program, if applicable (2)
  3. The Group number, if applicable (3)
  4. The policy number (4)