Resident Storage Lockers and Parking

ResiDex allows staff to track storage lockers and/or vehicle and parking locations. 

Activate - Track Vehicle and Parking and/or Storage Lockers:

  • From the Setup tab - click Campus (on the left)
  • Select the option Campus (on the right)
  • Put a check in one or both of the boxes under Track Vehicle and Parking and Track Storage Lockers

Setup Parking Spaces:

  • From the Setup Tab - search for Parking
  • Select - Parking Locations
  • Enter names/numbers of parking locations. You may wish to indicate if a space is reserved for non-resident use

Select a Parking Location for a Resident:

  • From the Home screen - open the Resident Profile
  • Fill in any information you have in the vehicle info section - select the parking location from the option list

View Parking Assignments:

  • From the Resident Profile screen - click the icon to the right of the parking field

  • The Parking Assignments report will preview showing a list of all parking assignments and who is assigned to each (if applicable)

Setup Storage Lockers:

  • From the Setup Tab - search for "Storage"
  • Select the option Storage Lockers from the options on the right
  • Enter the names/numbers as needed - you can indicate reserved/used lockers in the locker name

Selecting Storage Lockers for each Resident:

  • From the Resident profile - select the storage option from the drop down list

  • You will be able to see who is assigned to current storage lockers from the option list
  • To select a second storage locker for a resident, use the drop down on the next line that appears